A Brief History of Soar Chapel, Penderyn

Situated near the Lamb Hotel, the Welsh Independent Chapel, Soar was built in 1860 and later rebuilt in 1912. It is no longer used as a place of worship but is now used as an Antique and Furniture Warehouse. Even though the building is now used commercially, the chapel pews and pulpit are still intact. Before this place of worship was built meetings were held in a house nearby owned by N.B. Allen, in fact it was N.B. Allen who laid the foundation stone in 1860.

When the chapel was rebuilt a lot of the stone, timber, slates and even nails were found to be in such a good condition they were carefully removed, saved, stored and re-used in the rebuilding of the chapel.
The re-built chapel was considerably bigger than its predecessor and more stone was needed to complete the build. This was quarried from the nearby Cefn Cadlan Quarry and transported to the chapel by the railway line which passed outside the chapel.

Inside, the chapel has an unusual gallery which is cantilevered and has no support pillars, this is believed to be the only one of its type in the valley. The chapel could seat around five hundred people and was the largest in Penderyn.


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